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Talk football freely

Free instant messaging with friends and fellow fans. Chat 1-on-1, chat privately or in an open group chat, and join you favourite fan clubs.

Share your passion using photos, videos & voice messages

INPLAY lets you share photos, videos, voice messages, stickers and use our unique ‘pass’ function to share stories you like from the Hotwire.

Have fun and express yourself with INPLAY stickers

Slick stickers to really express yourself, to brag or to tease your friends.

Get the hottest stories delivered by Hotwire

Get much more than just news and stats... Our smart Hotwire enables you to get trending stories from all over the world. Manage your channels selection and seamlessly ‘pass’ any trending story or video into any of your chats

Explore and discover new people

With INPLAY you can talk not only to those you know, but also about what you love.

Find and connect with like-minded fans, locally or anywhere in the world, by hitting Discover and exploring the many different Fan Clubs and Group Chats going on within INPLAY.

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