Challenge your friends

INPLAY Predictions is a competition between friends.

Predict what is going to happen in the biggest matches and football events in the world, and compete against your friends for the top of the chat’s table!

Here's is most of what you need to know to beat your friends

How do I play the Predictions?

Simply hit the controller symbol on the bottom right of your INPLAY screen, and you can see all the available predictions for you to take on. Check them out, then decide on which way you think it will go and either hit thumbs down for 'No' or thumbs up for 'Yes', e.g. Will Eden hazard score first in Chelsea's next match.

How many predictions are there for me to take on?

INPLAY will have anywhere between 20 and 30 predictions each week for you to get involved with.

Does this prediction get made in every chat I'm a member of?

No. Each set of Predictions is only for the Chat you make it in. If you want to challenge your friends in other public or private Chats, you'll need to make your predictions again in there. This means you can compete against different friends and in different chats and change your prediction.

When do predictions around a match close?

Predictions around a match close at kick-off for the relevant one.

Why are new predictions appearing in the Chat?

Your friends are taking on the prediction before you've had a chance to make yours. You can also make your prediction from inside the chat.

How do I know when I've won or lost a prediction?

You receive a message in the relevant Chat to tell you whether you've won or lost.

What happens when I win or lose a prediction?

You move up and down the Chat leaderboard depending on your result.

How often is the leaderboard updated?

The leaderboard is updated whenever a prediction is resolved.

Does my score in this Chat count across INPLAY?

Your rank on the leaderboard only represents prediction results in the chat you're in. In essence, each chat is a different league you participate in.

How does the leaderboard work?

All Chat members are ranked by the margin (+/-) of won vs. lost prediction.

What happens if someone else has the same win/loss margin as me on the leaderboard?

If two or more people have identical scores the league position is decided by who has the most wins.

When does a 'Weekly' leaderboard start and end?

The 'Weekly' leaderboard is from the current week (Monday-Sunday)

When does a 'Monthly' leaderboard start and end?

The 'Monthly' leaderboard is decided on the results from the current calendar month.

What happens at the end of the 'Week' or 'Month'?

The leaderboard resets itself and it's time to prove you're the king of predictions all over again!