What is INPLAY?

INPLAY is a Messenger App for Football Fans, that helps fans communicate and experience their passion in a new way. INPLAY enables football fans a better way to interact and share their love of the game with friends and other fans through unique features and chat tools.

How much does it cost to download INPLAY?

So many things about the beautiful game cost quite a lot of money these days, TV subscriptions, tickets to matches, even a beer outside the stadium isn’t cheap anymore. So we decided to make downloading INPLAY free.

Which devices are supported by INPLAY?

INPLAY is currently available for iOS smartphones through the App Store and through Google Play for Android smartphones. We made an effort to create a user experience that is as similar as possible across all platforms, while taking advantage of each systems distinct characteristics.

Where do I get INPLAY?

You can download INPLAY for free through the Apple App Store and on Google Play with no limitations. If you like football, we recommend you to download INPLAY. If you love football we urge you to also invite your friends and begin having fun.

How do I invite friends to join INPLAY?

In order to invite friends to INPLAY simply create a personal chat with them by clicking the + button on the Chat tab.

How much does it cost to send text, pic, video, voice & sticker messages on INPLAY?

Sending messages to other friends using INPLAY is free for all types of multimedia messages. Though stickers may cost a modest sum, once purchased and downloaded you may send as many messages as you wish, like any type of message, for free.

How to verify your phone number with INPLAY once it has been entered

iOS - Please copy the four digit verification code from the brief text message INPLAY sent to your device in order to authenticate your smartphone.

Android - After receiving a brief text message from INPLAY you're smartphone will automatically enter the four digit verification code authenticating your phone number.

In case you have not received a verification code text message please follow these steps:

1. Check that your phone number was entered correctly and continue as directed.

2. If that is unsuccessful, kindly wait 5 minutes and resubmit your phone number.

3. Still not coming through? Please contact us at support@inplay.com and we will be happy to help you.

Why does INPLAY need my phone number and access to my contact list?

INPLAY requires your phone number in order to route chat messages between your contacts and you, similar to how your SMS text system does. We promise that all of your information is kept secure and private.

Why can't I connect to INPLAY

INPLAY uses 3G, 4G or WiFi networks to enable you to connect to football news and stories, as well as receive and send rich multimedia messages through the app. If you have already downloaded the INPLAY app, please check your network connections.

How many members can join my Chat?

Chats are currently limited to a maximum of 101 members, meaning you and 100 other football fans. If you want to manage a bigger chat, we recommend you simply open your own Fan Club.

What happens if I make my Chat Public?

Enabling the Public function on the chat makes your chat available and searchable to other fans on our Discover tab. If you are the admin of the chat, you control who joins your chat. Anyone who wants to join will be pending your approval under Chat Settings → Pending Requests.

How do I set up my own Fan Club?

You can set up your own fan club and allow as many users as you’d like to join by using: Settings → My fan clubs → Create a Fan Club.

If you are already managing a fan club and would like to control the amount of users, follow: Settings → My fan clubs → + → follow the creation process.

How many members can join my Fan Club?

The amount of Fan Club members is limited only by you… Meaning - its not limited at all!

How do I locate other Fan Clubs around me?

You can locate fan clubs around you by selecting the Discover tab and searching for a fan club using your location (Country / City / Hometown / Province / etc.).

Why does INPLAY need to use my location?

INPLAY uses your location in order to improve your overall in-app experience and to allow you to locate other fans and clubs around you.

How do I download stickers?

We have created useful amazing sticker sets for all of our users to enjoy. In order to download a sticker set, simply tap into any available Chat → tap on the + (add message button) → Stickers → choose the sticker set you are interested in (bottom selection bar) → Download.

How do I delete my account?

If you’re sure you'd like to, it's simple. You can delete your account at any time by going to settings (top left on the Chat tab) → Account → delete my account.

How do I delete a message or a chat?

You can delete any message you’ve posted by holding the tab on the message and using the bottom tooltip to delete it.

How do I contact INPLAY?

You can contact us anytime with questions, ideas, setting up a fan club in your hometown or anything else you feel will interest us @ support@inplay.com.

Is INPLAY sponsored by anyone?

INPLAY is a private company made by football fans for football fans and is not sponsored in any way by any commercial body. INPLAY’s goal is to connect all fans through the best messaging tools around in order to help fans get together and enjoy the game we all love!

Why Was INPLAY created?

INPLAY was founded on the belief that football fans must be better equipped digitally when it comes to expressing their passion and support for the teams, players and sport they love. INPLAY has crafted a tailor made CONTEXTUAL OTT MESSAGING PLATFORM specifically for fans. INPLAY's platform provides football enthusiasts with enhanced & energetic tools to communicate and share their passions. Now football lovers from everywhere can connect with friends and find other fans around them.

What is the theory behind INPLAY?

At the core of INPLAY is a sociological concept called @object centred sociality@. This concept was developed by Prof. Karin Knorr-Cetina and Jyrri Engestrom (founder of Jaiku). The theory assumes that context grows around objects, which thus become social. Football is one of the strongest global connectors that exist and therefore is a "Social Object". We decided to focus on football simply because we're really passionate about it!

How many players are allowed on the pitch at the same time?

Well, well, well, impressive. If you’ve made it this far you must already know that after a big win all of the players are allowed on to celebrate! ;-)